Friday, March 29, 2013

Thinking of making a nano-reef ? Read this..

Saltwater nano reefs are so tempting. The bright colors, the complex and interesting process of making them.. It's just awesome. But before you start even thinking about them, be aware of the time it takes to make/ mature them (if money is not a constraint).
Where a planted tank can be ready to take photos and to show in just 2- 3 months, a nano reef may take upto 15 months to get ready.
see this-

And before giving it a thought, dont forget to start reading
without which your nano-reef will definitely be a flop show.
It may take months to read and understand. The lighting, natural filtration, chemistry, corals, anemones. Marine stuff is way more complicated than freshwater that's for sure. Unlike planted aquariums where you can grow a node to 12 nodes in merely few weeks, a coral may take 2 years or more.
If you're still in the unstable part of your life, you shouldn't go for it. Coz you dont wanna move it. It may seem so small and portable but they say that corals may get stunned once you move or displace them.
Undoubtedly they are like an ocean in a 10G tank. See this-
Read read and read.. And thenwhen you think you can go for it, dont look back. Go go go...
Hope to see someone getting inspired and start making one. Some more inspirations are here-


# My life is not so stable, but still I'm gonna make one soon :D

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