Thursday, March 07, 2013

An awesome day

It was an awesome day.. After completing lots and lots of assignments what I got to see were 2 packages that my mailbox had. When I checked the label, the first one said "from Thomas Barr" and the second one said "From Josh's Frog". My excitement was on its peak. I ran to my room with both the packages .
So first I opened the one which was sent by Tom. And the sight was breathtaking. Ludwigia Tornado. With some Rotala sp Mini Butterfly and Hygrophylla Arguia. Awesome. Here are the photos-
Ludwigia Tornado

Hygrophylla Arguia

And then I started planting them.
After planting them, I ran to the othe package..
It was from Josh's frogs :D
My expectations were high. I opened it and first saw the Fruit flies.. World famous Josh's frog's Fruit Flies.

And then came out the most amazing and interesting thing-
Venus Fly trap- Carnivorous plant.

I started mixing sphagnum moss and peat to make the base.

Planted them

Then again went back to the tank and saw it from a new angle. Every time I look at my tank, I fall in love...

Right now if there's anything I love more than my life, it's my tank.

My camera has a new place to be. Every time I wanna say "I love you" to my tank, I go and take a few photos :)
And here's my other small Vivarium I call it Viva la Vivarium :)

A lot of photos for today. Time to hit the bed now. I'll try to update my blog regularly.

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