Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Devil's Backbone and Rocky Mountain National Park

This weekend we planned a short Hiking trip. There are numerous places in Colorado famous for their hiking trails, landscape and the species they inhabit. We first went hiking the Devil's Backbone, where we spotted wild llamas and Western Meadowlark.
From there we headed off to the famous Rocky Mountain National Park. The landscape is breath-taking. There was sun, snow and rain all at the same time. Watching the animals and bird in their natural habitat was a treat to the eyes. We did a short hike to the Bear lake - all frozen at this time of the year. It was fascinating and then we were told that we saw almost every possible birds and animals that live in the Rocky Mountains at this time of the year. The Spring season here has just started, in a month more birds will be returning to the Mountains, so will we :)
 Enough said. Time for the photos-

Llama in the wild.

The Devils Backbone-

It was nice to see wild deer roaming freely near houses.

Rocky Mountains.

View from Bear lake trail. Majestic !
And those arent clouds but vapors of the melting ice.

The sunlight falling on the snow made it too bright to see without shades.

Steller's Jay - "Cyanocitta stelleri"
Very close to Blue jay. But blue jay have some white on their wings and these dont. And crest of Blue jay is blue and Steller's jay's is Black.

Steller's Jay - "Cyanocitta stelleri"

Wild Turkey- Now endangered. Less than 3 millions are left in the wild. We were lucky to see them. The dark tuft suspending from the breast characterizes a male.

The golden color on their wings is kind of unique.


Sight was amazing-

Was that "Twin Sister Mountain" ?

black billed Magpie- A beautiful bird from crow family

Elk- A small herd of Elk was like a bonus on our way back.

And Finally we saw our Universities mascot. Or maybe cousin of our mascot. Big horn sheep.

Big horn sheep.

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