Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why does Apple has to do this everytime !!

For this very reason I stopped using Iphone after 3GS. 2 days ago bought an Iphone 5 and again... again having trouble in WiFi !!
What is this !! I mean my HTC oneX and dezire HD are far better than this little piece from apple inc.
See what happens with me-

1 I connect to my WiFi, enter my password, "Unable to Connect". Then I again try to do it. After 2-3 attempts it connects.

2. I try to open my gmail app- "No Offline emails available". I'm like WHAT !! WiFi is connected (I can see the symbol on the top of the screen. Strength is good).

3. Then I go to Safari to check if any webpage is opening or not. I open some new, random website everytime so that it wont show the cached page. "Safari couldnt find the requested page". Then I refresh the page 3-4 times and then It opens.

4. Then I go back to Facebook app and try to update it. It will say "Check your internet connection".

Just a second ago, I opened a page in safari and then again it's saying my net is not working !! Geez..

5. I open photobucket app to see the upload speed. I try to upload a 600kb picture. Uploading speed-  214kb/s...106Kb/s....39Kbps...0.00kb/s...upload failed. I try this again- 44.00 Kb/s....89.00Kb/s...23Kb/s..0.00 Kb/s.. Upload failed.

6. After getting irritated I lock the keypad and put the Iphone aside (My WiFi is connected). Then after 10 minutes or so I open the keypad again and my WiFi is GONE. I again have to go in the sttings and connect it and then again to Step no- 1.

7. My 4G is working awesome without any problem. But since my Data usage is limited to 300Mb, I've turned it off.

Why is it happening ? Why the WiFi isnt working properly ? The iOS is 6.0.2. When are you gonna take care of this apple ? Why do you always have to make us people worried !! Dont you check and test the phones before putting them in the market.

I very well remember the network problems that have happened with earlier models. And even I remember your silly idea of selling bands for those phones. Come on.. Iphone is the second best selling thing in the world after rubix cube. Cant you maintain that dignity ? Where's that "thing" which Iphone used to have ?
I remember studying somewhere that when the 'User Manual' of Iphone was being written, Steve called a meeting with the technical writers. The team leader of writers said to Steve- "This manual is so simple that even a high school kid can properly understand it." Steve went tensed and asked the writers to stop working on that manual. And then he said- "I want a manual which could be easily read and understood by a 5th class/ grade child."
And now this Iphone 5!! Does it seem to be that simple ? Not to me. There are thousands of videos on youtube about "How to make your WiFi work on Iphone5". Changing your DNS server adrees to Google's public DNS is seriously a lame idea. Why would I change my DNS server to ? And why would I turn my WiFi on and off again and again just to make sure that when last time I turned it on it was really on. I'm Fed up with you. Whats the use of a $200 device with 2 years of contract if it cant run WiFi properly !!
This is my anger and frustration on you which was building up since 3GS and came out at 5.
I've had enough of it. I dont want to google more LAME/ 'possible' ways to make my WiFi work. Please do something about it or return my money back. I dont wanna be a "Cool Iphone 5 user". I'm happy being a "Nerd HTC user". huh..

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