Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to connect your HTC phone to Wi- fi network.

Open your Menu.
Goto Settings.

In your Settings, you'll see "Wireless & networks" (which is circled with red ink in the picture)

 Now, when you'll open the "wireless & networks", Touch on "Wi-fi" checkbox.

And then open the "Wi- Fi settings"
 The area which is rounded by the red ink will show you the wifi networks you have in your surroundings.

If a network says that "Secured with WPA/WPA2 PSK", it means that the network is password protected and you will need the password in order to access the network.
 So if you'll click on the available network and if it is password protected, you'll see a screen like this.
 So write the password here.
 And then in a few seconds, it'll show you that you are connected to the network and now you can make skype calls from your phone or you can start whatsapping.

Or if you want to search something on google, you can open your browser and start browsing the internet.

* How to find where the browser is and how to open a page will come in the next blog post :P

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